Fitness Class Descriptions

All Classes Are Included in Memberships

Non-Member Cost
Drop-in Rate $7 per class
Senior Drop-in Rate (age 55 & older) $5 per class
Fitness Punch Card $70 for 11 classes
Senior Fitness Punch Card (age 55 & older) $40 for 11 classes

List of Classes

Silver Sneakers 1 - Classic

Have fun and move to the beat of music using a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activity for daily living skills. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support

Silver Sneakers 2 - Circuit

Combine fun with fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with a standing circuit workout. This class also focuses on stretching and relaxation exercises.

Low Cardio (BOOM) Strength

A low cardio workout designed for all fitness levels. It improves balance, strength and cardio. Stretching and abdominal work on the floor. All fitness levels welcome!

Gentle Stretch

Using a yoga mat, you will experience flexibility, balance and strength for the core with proper positioning and breathing. All moves are done on the floor to help protect your back and keep good alignment. All fitness levels welcome!


Builds cardio fitness, total-body strength and coordination. Combine the hottest MMA movements from the boxing ring to the fighting cage with cutting-edge exercises from outside the octagon. Thrilling music and motivational coaching will get you fighting fit. FIGHT FOR IT!

Indoor Cycling Interval 101

Low-intensity intervals on the indoor bikes with intervals using light weights and resistance bands off the bike. All fitness levels welcome. Pre-registration is recommended.


Exercises will be performed to help increase strength and improve metabolism and flexibility. A variety of training equipment and exercises will be used. All fitness levels welcome!


Uses a mix of Latin and international music to create a dynamic, fun and effective cardio workout. The class combines various rhythms with movements that tone and sculpt the body. All fitness levels welcome!

Cycle Strength Intervals (CSI)

Get ready to sweat! Intense cardio intervals on the indoor bike alternate with strength training intervals to give you the ultimate workout. Rev up your metabolism in this challenging class! Pre-registration is recommended.


Metabolic Conditioning is high-intensity interval training at its best! Strength, cardio and core will combine to give you a killer workout and an amazing after-burn effect!

Core infusion

This one-hour core workout will strengthen your abs, back and hips using a variety of equipment and exercises. All fitness levels welcome!

Cross Conditioning

In this class, you will focus on building strength and stamina.  There will be a combination of cardio movements with strength and stabilization exercises.

High Fitness

Combines cardio, toning, barre and strength tracks (set to music you know and love) for a total body workout that will leave you on a HIGH! Modifications shown for all fitness levels.

Upbeat Barre

Upbeat Barre is traditional Barre (A mix of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet & Strength training) with choreography & movements driven by the music. No shoes & with the use of mats, weights, balls, and bands, we move through class with ease & keep the calorie burn high! All fitness levels welcome!


WERQ is a fun dance class based on chart-topping pop and hip-hop music and high-energy dance steps.  The warm-up previews the steps to be used in class, and the cool-down combines yoga-inspired stretching and balance poses.  All fitness levels are welcome to this fun class!

Martial Arts

This class is taught by Black Belt Instructors with decades of experience.  You will learn and train several styles of martial arts that can be used in multiple self-defense scenarios.  This is non-contact training for ages 14 and older.

Group of men and women in martial arts gear posing in a group

  1. woman standing in front of fitness equipment

    Sandie VanBeek

    Fitness Manager/Instructor

  1. woman standing in front of fitness equipment

    Joan Otte

    Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

  1. woman standing in front of fitness equipment

    Carrie Heim

    Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

  1. man standing in front of fitness equipment

    Kaz Iwatsu

    Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

  1. Woman standing

    Aimee Workman

    Fitness Instructor

  1. Woman standing

    Hillary Williams

    Fitness Instructor

  1. Woman standing

    Corrin VanKoevering

    Fitness Instructor

  1. Anita Simmonds

    Anita Simmonds

    Fitness Instructor

  1. woman standing

    Carol Sloan

    Fitness Instructor

  1. woman standing in front of a wall

    Marcie DeVoogd

    Fitness Instructor

  1. Woman standing in front of flowers

    Lisa Idema

    Fitness Instructor

  1. woman standing in a field, she is smiling and wearing a hat

    Avery Van Ess

    Fitness Instructor