Income Tax Bill

Pay Walker Income Tax with a Credit/Debit Card

The ability to pay a Walker City Income Tax assessment or small claims payment with a major credit/debit card is available. Since the City cannot legally accept credit cards, we have contracted with AllPaid, which will accept credit card payments on behalf of the City and then forward your payment to the Income Tax Department for credit to your account. To access this system, call toll-free 888-604-7888 or pay online. You will need to enter the following information:

  • For income tax assessments: enter Pay Location Code 6435 (Do not pay a balance due with your return using this Pay Location Code - you must mail in your return and receive an assessment to use this service).
  • For small claims payments: enter Pay Location Code 6434
  • Users paying with credit/debit cards will be charged a nominal convenience fee. View the fee schedule (PDF).
  • See the Income Tax FAQs for information regarding COVID-related wage allocation for non-residents.
  1. Income Tax Preparation

    Phone: 616-791-6838

    Preparation of Walker Income Tax returns at the counter in City Hall is available by appointment only. You must call 616-791-6838 for an appointment. You are highly encouraged to have your return prepared 'contactless' by email  or by using the green drop box.

  2. Income Tax Department

    Mailing Address
    Walker City Income Tax
    PO Box 153
    Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0153

    Phone: : 616-791-6880

    • Returns and payments should be placed in the green City Hall drop box or mailed to Walker City Income Tax.
    • Check payment through the green drop box is highly preferred.
    • Please call or email the Income Tax Department with any questions.