Income Tax Bill

Pay Walker Income Tax with a Credit/Debit Card or Direct Withdrawal from Bank Account

You can pay the balance due with your current year tax return, quarterly estimated payments, extension payment, or balance due with a notice of assessment online by clicking here.

  • Credit/Debit card users will be charged a 3% fee, with a minimum of $1.95.
  • There is no fee for a direct withdrawal from a bank account.
  • PLEASE NOTE - If using an LMCU account, you must use the MICR line account number that begins with a 1 and is 12 digits in length.

Income Tax Preparation

Preparation of Walker Income Tax returns at the counter in City Hall is available by appointment only. You must call for an appointment. 

Phone: (616) 791-6838

  1. Income Tax Preparation

  2. Income Tax Department

    Mailing Address
    Walker City Income Tax
    PO Box 153
    Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0153

    • Returns and payments should be placed in the green City Hall drop box or mailed to Walker City Income Tax.
    • Check payment through the green drop box is highly preferred.
    • Please call or email the Income Tax Department with any questions.

  3. Nicole B

    Deputy Income Tax Administrator

  4. Ayesha S

    Income Tax Specialist

  5. Ke-Shawn S

    Income Tax Assistant

  6. Judy C

    Income Tax Specialist

  7. Cherie R

    Income Tax Administrator