Fire Department FAQ

Who do I call to rent a community room at the fire station?
Due to COVID restrictions, we are not renting the community rooms at this time.  When we begin renting the rooms again, we will post it on our web page.

Where can I purchase a green reflective address sign
for my mailbox post? 
These signs can be purchased from the Walker Firefighters' Association by calling the Walker Fire Department office at 791-6840.  The signs measure 6 inches wide by 18 inches long with 3 inch reflective numbers on both sides for high visibility in the dark.  The signs are $10.00 each.

Where and when can I get my child's car seat installed/inspected?
Please visit the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Injury Prevention website for more information.

What are the rules for burning leaves and brush in the City of Walker?
The burning of leaves is prohibited in the City of Walker.  Only small twigs and brush can be burned.   A burning permit is required.  Click here for the rules and regulations.

Is there a charge for the Fire Department to put out a fire at my house?
No--your tax dollars provide you with 24 hour fire protection.

If I build a new home, can I burn the scrap wood and other building materials?
No--commercial burning is prohibited.  You must get a dumpster or haul your trash away.

Can I burn my household trash?

No--the burning of household trash is prohibited.

Does the Walker Fire Department fill swimming pools?

The Walker Fire Department does not fill swimming pools.  For information on filling your swimming pool and hydrant rental, please go to for more information.