Records Bureau Fees

Police Department Fee Schedule

Effective February 20, 2014

Information on fees that are noted to have "copy charges": As provided by law, these fees include copy charges for reports, or any public document, CD copy or DVD copy, and the research, redaction, and page by page review thereof prior to releasing to the public, as required by law for privacy issues. Requests for documents that require lengthy research, review, redaction, and/or copy time will be charged for based on an hourly time and material basis as provided for under the Freedom of Information Act. 

  • Police Reports: See FOIA Request Form (copy charges)
  • UD-10 Reports (Traffic Crash Reports): $3 for first 2 pages$1 each for additional pages
  • Audio CD (copy): $30 each (copy charges)
  • Video DVD (copy): $30 each (copy charges) 
  • Photo(s) on CD: $10 each (copy charges) 
  • Gun Permits: No charge
  • Gun Permits - Notary Fee: $3 per permit ($1 per signature)
  • Fingerprints - Livescan: $63 for Resident or Non-Resident
  • Fingerprints - Paper Copy: $15 per card
  • Local Background Check: No charge
  • Local Background Check - Notarized: $1 Notary Fee (per signature)
  • Notary Fee: $1 per signature
  • Court Ordered PBTs: $10