Traffic Crash Reports

If you've been involved in a traffic crash in the City of Walker and would like to conveniently obtain a copy of that report, you can purchase it for only $10 by visiting the State of Michigan TCPS (Traffic Crash Purchasing System) link

You may also obtain a copy of that report in person or by mail. If choosing to obtain a copy in person, you may do so Monday through Thursday between 7:30 am and 5 pm at the Walker Police Department. Please call our Records Bureau at 616-791-6812 first to make sure your report is ready.

You may also request a copy of your accident report by mail:

Walker Police Department
4343 Remembrance Road NW
Walker, MI 49534

Please include:

  • Incident Number (if you have it)
  • Driver's Name and Driver's License Number
  • Date, Time, and Location of Crash
  • Payment ($3 for the first 2 pages and $1 for each subsequent page)
  • Self-addressed, stamped envelope

Reports will be returned to you by mail, or email if requested, normally within five business days.