The Probation Department is a service department of the 59th District Court, covering the cities of Grandville and Walker. The main Probation Office is located in the city of Grandville. Note: Most meetings will be at the Grandville Office; only on rare occasions will meetings with probation officers be in Walker. 

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The Probation Department enforces Orders of Probation, which may entail a variety of conditions or requirements that the Judge has specifically ordered for an offender to complete or comply with. Probation officers assigned to each case work with the offender to identify underlying causes of the offense and refer them to appropriate agencies for further resources.

Other responsibilities of the Probation Department:

  • Working with victims
  • Victim impact panels
  • Collection of restitution
  • Targeting work and community service crews
  • Enforcement of curfews and no-contact orders
  • Conducting alcohol assessments and alcohol/drug tests
  • Conducting pre-sentence investigations
  • Supervision meetings with probationers

Contacting the Probation Department

  • In-person or by mail:
    3161 Wilson Avenue SW
    Grandville, MI 49418
  • By Phone: 616-531-2690

Whether your case originated in Grandville or Walker, all mail should be sent to the Grandville address indicated above. Include probationer's name and case number.