Ward 1 Commissioner Burke

HCommissioner Burkeello friends, family, and neighbors of the City of Walker. My name is Thom Burke, and I was recently appointed to serve alongside Steven Gilbert in Ward 1.

I am thrilled to be back in my home state after a long time away. After a Navy life of moving every two to three years, it is a pleasure to be settled down into a wonderful community like Walker. My wife Laura and I love finally having a house we can truly make our home, We live in the far northeast corner of the City on Greenridge Dr. NW, and are blessed with a great neighborhood and neighbors. Over the last five years, we have had the privilege of seeing all three of our sons graduate from Michigan State, and couldn’t be more proud (despite the fact that I went to the University of Michigan).

Previously I served in our United States Navy for over 30 years where I had the honor of commanding one aviation squadron, and two ships – including the USS RONALD REAGAN – one of America’s premier aircraft carriers. USS REAGAN was a small city in itself, and I look forward to sharing my experience working across many different departments toward a common goal.

Since retirement from the service, I have been working for a large international company primarily in the maritime sector supporting shipbuilding for the Navy and the Coast Guard. I was heavily involved in getting our key shipbuilding subsidiary, Halter Marine, the award for the Coast Guard’s new Heavy Icebreaker (the Polar Security Cutter), a critical asset that our nation greatly needs.

While I enjoy the business world, service is still in my blood, and I am very pleased to be stepping into this important role for our city.

My first priorities are public safety and fiscal responsibility, but my real interest is in the future of this city, and the long-term vision for business, housing, green space, and recreation to build a well-balanced community that can thrive.

Besides serving Ward 1 and the City as a whole, I am on the following committees:

  • Ordinance
  • Personnel
  • Emergency Planning
  • Mineral Mining Review- Alternate

As I am relatively new to the city, I’m especially interested in getting to know my neighbors, so please feel free to contact me at (619) 379-6036 (please note the area code is different). You may also email me as well as follow me on Facebook or Linkedin.

Area highlighting the northern part of Walker