Income Tax

2023 Walker Income Tax Returns are due April 30, 2024

Visit Income Tax FAQ Number 14 for information regarding COVID-related and remote work wage allocation for non-residents. 

Preparation of Walker Income Tax returns at the counter in City Hall is available by appointment only. You must call 616-791-6838 for an appointment. 

  • Returns and payments should be placed in the green City Hall drop box or mailed to Walker City Income Tax, P.O. Box 153, Grand Rapids MI 49501-0153.
  • Check payment through the green drop box is highly preferred.
  • Please call the Income Tax Department with any questions at 616-791-6880 or email the Income Tax Department.

E-file your 2023 Walker Income Tax Return

We will again be accepting 2023 Walker resident and non-resident returns by e-file. If you use a paid tax preparer that e-files your federal and state return, they will be able to e-file your Walker return this year. If you use TaxAct software/online tax program to prepare your own federal and state returns, you will be able to e-file your Walker return this year. Visit the TaxAct site for more information. Please note that other software/online tax programs used for self-prepared returns (TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxSlayer) do not participate with Michigan local e-filing.

Department Responsibilities and Duties

The Income Tax Department is charged with administering and enforcing the Uniform City Income Tax Ordinance. The Department is committed to providing courteous service to taxpayers and tax preparers. It is our goal to ensure that all taxpayers pay the lowest legal income tax liability to the City of Walker.

The Department's main functions are return processing, accounting for receipts, income tax enforcement, and taxpayer assistance.

Contact Information

  • For general questions and to request forms, please call the main income tax line at 616-791-6880.
  • For questions regarding individual or partnership income tax, please call Ayesha at 616-791-6838 or send an email to our income tax department.
  • For questions regarding withholding tax or small claims cases, please call Nicole at 616-791-6869 or send Nicole an email.
  • For questions regarding corporate income tax, please call Cherie at 616-791-6870 or send Cherie an email.