One of the biggest concerns of our snowplow operators is the safety of children waiting for the school bus or playing near the road. Even at residential speeds, the force of the snow coming off of the plow is quite powerful. Additionally, ice chunks and road debris are often mixed in with the snow. Our operators do their very best to watch for children and adjust their speed and/or path to keep them safe. You can help us keep our snow removal operations safe and efficient by reminding your children of the following:

When waiting for the school bus, please stand back by the sidewalk and give the snowplow plenty of room.

When the snowplow comes by your house, please don't play in the snowbanks by the road.

Snow Plowing from City of Walker on Vimeo.

A list of FAQs related to snowplowing operations can be viewed here. If your mailbox is accidentally damaged due to snow removal operations, our mailbox replacement policy can be viewed here.

If you have any snowplowing questions, please call the Department of Public Works at 616-791-6854.