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With many hills and a brand new commercial building right in the way, we began our move to our new home on November 1, 2002.  The move itself took around four hours with two stop to get through some soft sand.  After the move, the new foundation work was begun along with the moving of a lot of dirt around the new site.  Because of the original craftsmanship of the house, and the expert care from our friends at Rollaway Movers, the house held up extremely well through the move.  There are only a few minor cracks in the walls that will be repaired once the renovating work has begun in full.  When one considers the moving of a one hundred and four ton object and the dangers that exist, heartfelt thanks need to go to the Edison family for their work in building something so solid, as well as to Rollaway Movers for the great job they did.

November 1, 2002 - Making the Move to Our New Home November 1, 2002 - Two bulldozers were brought out to help the truck through the soft sand
November 1, 2002 - Settled in at our new home! November 5, 2002 - Making the footings for the new foundation
November 5, 2002 - Looking Southeast underneath house November 7, 2002 - Building the new foundation
November 7, 2002 - Building the new foundation November 19, 2002 - Looking from location of the eventual parking lot
November 19, 2002 - Looking at temporary support structure in basement


Edison House - Family Dining Room

This is the Family Dining Room after removal of two layers of wallpaper. The walls are in remarkably good shape with very minor hairline cracks for the most part.


Edison House - Front Parlor Room

This is the front Parlor Room floor after removal of two layers of carpet. The bottom layer of carpet was an adhesive stuck to the floor. There is orange paint currently covering the wood floor from many years ago.


Edison House - Front Entry Room

This wall in the front entry room was the only major damage from the house move back in November. This area is about four feet in height, and about three feet wide.


Edison House - Main Floor Bedroom

This is the main floor bedroom. After removal of one layer of carpet, we found a layer of canvas-backed paneled floor that when pulled up showed the old wood floor that is in good shape. Another surprise was the discovery of two old holes that showed there had been a sink and toilet in the alcove to the upper right.


Edison House - Front Room Fireplace

This is the fireplace in the front room. It is a very decorative black marble, with a cast iron middle that is in great condition.


Edison House - Main Bedroom Doorway

This is the inside doorway of the main floor bedroom. During a time of ‘modernizing ‘ the house there had been shelves built into the wall above. After carefully removing the shelves, we discovered a very old yellow flower pattern decorating the wall. We will attempt to save that wallpaper, but it seems that a fair amount of it was damaged when covered during the shelf construction.


Edison House - Dining Room Doorway

This is a picture looking from the Family Dining Room to the front of the house. The room to the upper far right is the Parlor Room, while the front doorway is to the upper left. Note the two sets of beautiful pocket doors that separate the two rooms. The wood on the doors is in fantastic shape, and also have ornate handles to help move the doors.


Edison House - Furnace Regulator

This is a very old furnace regulator that needed just a little bit of elbow work to polish it up nice. This is next to the fireplace on a door jamb in the front room.


Edison House - Family Safe

This is arguably the crown jewel of the entire house. It is the old Edison family safe, that seems to weigh more than the house when you open its door but we know that its really just plain heavy. If you look hard enough, you will see George W. Edison’s name is at the very top of the safe. The hand painted pictures and wording on the front door are even further enhanced when you open up the inside, and find even more detail on the shelves and interior walls.