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Street Preservation Project

The City of Walker has contracted Strawser Construction to apply a pavement preservation treatment to streets in parts of Walker in the coming days. 

While much of the road work on West River Drive happened July 24 and 25, crews will wrap up work on Monday, July 26.  Map of West River Drive work. Expect delays if you're traveling through this area. 

Road work on Sunset Hills Avenue and surrounding neighborhood will take place July 26 and 27. Map of Sunset Hills Avenue and surrounding neighborhood work.  Work is expected to begin around 8:00 a.m.

This street preservation is a one-part process that adds a thin layer of asphalt slurry on top of the existing asphalt surface. Based on experience, this project’s success will depend upon residents’ cooperation and understanding, so please observe the following:

1. Factors like weather, equipment issues or simultaneous projects can impact the timing of work. Therefore, an “exact” day-to-day schedule cannot be provided in advance. However, schedule updates are posted to

  • To alert residents of the approaching project, flyers and “No Parking” signs will be placed on the street approximately 48 hours in advance of the project’s start.
  • To complete the project, residential streets must be free of all parked cars between 7:00 a.m and 8:00 p.m. Cars parked on the street will have to be relocated/towed.
  • If you require access in or out of your driveway during paving operations, please consult with an on-site contractor or contact the Strawser Project Manager at (614) 824-8782, and they will work to accommodate you. You can also contact the City of Walker at 616-791-6854

2. For the duration of the project:

  • Turn off all water sprinklers.
  • Keep the street free of all trash, recycle carts and bags.

3. If it rains on the day of work, crews will return the next day, weather permitting.

4. Generally, a street will be fully open within an hour of the asphalt being placed.

  • After the project is completed and the street reopens to traffic, crews ask residents to drive slowly over the new pavement surface and to not spin tires.

5. Understand that the new layer of asphalt is designed for traffic to serve as the final rolling mechanism. Therefore, traffic on these streets will help to smooth out the surface over the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding! Crews will do their best to work quickly and efficiently to provide a new asphalt slurry surface and reopen the impacted streets to traffic.