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Milling and Paving October 2020 Schedule

Below are the dates that crews will be milling and paving certain sections of roadway. However, as much as crews try to stick to a schedule, it should be noted that all of the following dates are weather-dependent. Please be aware that traffic delays are expected when this work is going on. Residents will still have access to their properties, but plan for possible delays. 

Butterworth Ave - October 19 and 20: 
Maynard Ave to Veterans Memorial Dr

Kinney Ave - October 21 and 22:
Leonard St to Remembrance Rd

Cummings Ave - October 20 and 21: 
Lake Michigan Dr to O'Brien Rd 

Kingsbury St. to Gage St - October 22 and 26: 
Alpine Ave east to the end

Richmond St - October 23 and 27: 
Wilson Ave east to Randall Ave

Nolan Ave - October 23 and 27:
Richmond St to Remembrance Rd

Randalle Ave - October 23 and 27:
Richmond St to Mohler St

Manning Ave - October 23 and 27: 
Richmond St to Mohler St

Mohler St - October 23 and 27:
Kinney Ave west to the end

Nixon Ave to 10th St - October 26 and 28: 
Nixon Ave to Leonard St to 10th St

10th St - October 26 and 28:
Nixon Ave to Maynard Ave

Rolling Greene - October 26 and 28:
Lake Michigan Dr to the end

Dunlap St - October 27 and 29:
Bristol Ave east to the end;
Hanchett Ave to Dunlap St. north to the end