Commissioner Cyndy Stek

Stek PictureFor more than 40 years I have lived and worked in the City of Walker and I love what we are as a community.  That is why I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve as a City Commissioner for the Third Ward over the past twelve years.  My goal as Commissioner is to make Walker the best it can be and to reach out and engage the citizens of Walker to work with us to keep this a healthy vibrant community and a great place to live.

Over the years I have served on various committees at the City including, Finance, Community Relations, the Library, Personnel and a number of ad hoc committees.  I have worked on former Congressman Vernon Ehler’s Committee, connecting the issues and concerns of local residents to the Congressional level.  I have also enjoyed serving on the Grandville Christian School Board where some of my children attended, and as a care leader at church and working for Senior Neighbors.
Currently, I serve the residents of Walker on the following committees:
          Building Committee
          Mineral Mining
          Historical Commission
          The Interurban Transit Partnership (ITP)
          Ordinance Committee (Chair)
My desire to serve my community emerged from an early age when as a grade school student my teachers and my parents instilled in me a great appreciation of the fact that we live in a country governed by institutions that are of the people, by the people and for the people. 
I am married to Stanley J Stek, have six children and eight grandchildren many who still live in Walker.  Family is important to me, and I cherish all the time and activities we spend together.  We are members of Mars Hill Bible Church.
I can be reached at Or  call (616) 791-9381.