Income Tax Department Overview


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The Income Tax Department is charged with the administration and enforcement of the Uniform City Income Tax Ordinance. The Department is committed to providing courteous service to taxpayers and tax preparers. It is our goal to ensure that all taxpayers pay the lowest legal income tax liability to the City of Walker.

Itax staffThe main functions of the Department are return processing, accounting for receipts, income tax enforcement and taxpayer assistance.

Contact Information

For general questions and to request forms, please call the main income tax line at (616)791-6880.

For questions regarding individual or partnership income tax, please call Deb at (616)791-6838 or send an e-mail.

For questions regarding withholding tax or small claims cases, please call Nancy at (616)791-6869 or send an e-mail.

For questions regarding corporate income tax, please call Cherie at (616)791-6870 or send an e-mail.