Public Works Responsibilities

  • ROADSIDE MOWING- is done twice a year. First cutting is done mid-May to July. Second cutting is mid-August to October.

  • Pic Services TrenchDiggingDITCH CLEANOUTS



  • STREET SWEEPING-The city owns one street sweeper. This machine runs all summer, covering the city twice.

  • TREE TRIMMING-is performed in the city right-of-way during the winter months. Stump grinding is done in the spring.

  • TRAFFIC SIGNS-The city has its own sign shop which takes care of all traffic and street signs. Also takes care of detours and barricades road hazards. The sign shop is also responsible for centerline road markings.

  • DRIVEWAY PERMITS - See permit requirements and fees.

  • OTHER RIGHT OF WAY PERMITS, UTILITIES PERMITSSee permit requirements and fees.

  • COMPLETE PARK MAINTENANCE-Park maintenance includes marking and dragging of all ball diamonds, marking soccer fields and mowing grass in all city owned parks and property.

  • Pic Services SnowPlowingSNOW REMOVAL-is the biggest budget item. The fleet consists of 10 front line trucks, 2 back-up trucks, 1 front end loader with a snow pusher, 3 pickup trucks and various other equipment which can be used as needed. We have a staff of 11 full time equipment operators to man the snow removal equipment.

For further information, call (616)791-6854.