Memo To Highway Contractors and Fee Schedule

TO: All highway contractors
FROM: City of Walker / Department of Public Works
RE: License Renewal

This memo is to notify you that all Highway Licenses expire on December 31. If you plan on doing any right-of-way work in the City of Walker in the upcoming year, please renew your License by filling out the Registration Form attached. This includes all Contractors working for Utility Companies.

Please include a copy of your current bond, certificate of insurance, enclosed Registration Form and fee.


  • Fee - $10.00 (Include with Registration Form)

  • Bond - $2,000 R.O.W. bond per year

  • Certificate of Insurance - General Liability-$300,000 to $500,000.

    City of Walker, "Additional Insured" Please list blanket additional insured endorsement number on certificate

  • Cancellation clause modified - cancellation clause to have "endeavor to" crossed out

Any questions, please call (616)791-6854 or email
Highway Resolution Adopting Revised

Permit Fees and Repealing Highway Permit Schedule adopted April 28, 2003

The Highway Permit Fee Schedule as prescribed by Section 70-26 of the City of Walker Code of Ordinances is hereby repealed. The Following revised Highway Permit Fee Schedule is hereby adopted.

Description of Work


Leaf Bags

$0.50 or current cost

Yearly license


Water, Storm or Sewer Lateral Installation (within R.O.W)


Minimum Permit Fee


Underground –  Under 6” Road crossing/boring method Road Bore  (1-5 lanes)


Underground – Over 6” Road crossing/boring method Road Bore fee (1-5 lanes) + (Add $5.00 per inch-diameter)


Minimum Permit Fee for Utility Companies


Systems for Electric, Telephone, Gas, Cable - Parallel to road per lineal foot or minimum utility fee

$0.20 per ft.

Water, Sewer, Storm or Sanitary parallel to Road per lineal ft. or minimum utility fee

$50.00 + $0.35 per ft.

Open cut Blacktop streets

$50.00 per lane

Fire lines (same as open cut)

$50.00 per lane

Residential Driveway (with or without sidewalks per approach per staking)


Residential Driveway (no staking required and/or resurface)


Commercial Driveway(s) per site (with or without sidewalks per staking)


Sidewalk staking per lineal ft. $0.50 or minimum fee. Minimum fee is $100.00.

$100.00/over 200 feet = $0.50 foot

Ground water testing /monitor wells (renewed yearly - $5,000.00 bond)


Soil Borings in R.O.W.

$50.00 + $10.00 per bore

Surcharge for open cut between November 1

and April 1:


Major streets - emergencies*


per lane

Local streets - emergencies*

$750.00 per lane

*Only emergency open cuts will be allowed during this period.  The DPW can grant open cuts for non-emergencies, if the weather conditions can be foreseen as favorable for a 48 hour period.  This will generally include a minimum of 40 degree temperatures and dry weather.  After completing the utility work, an approved temporary surface must be achieved by the end of day 2.  Any traffic control or warning signs associated with a temporary closure, detour, flagman, or temporary roadway surface will be the responsibility of the contractor.  The DPW must be kept informed at all times so that an inspector can oversee the work.  The contractor must guarantee the restoration for a period of 2 years.  Decisions on any repair work will be made by the DPW and must be performed within 7 days.

** If street was overlayed or had a surface treatment in the last 5 years, the Open Cut Blacktop will be subject to review by the City Engineer.

** When requested, Contractor shall provide density test.

Drives Requiring Culverts
12"  22’ of pipe w/1 load of gravel $135.00
  30’ of pipe w/ 1 load of gravel $200.00
  Band $6.00
  Flares – each $33.00
15"  22’ of pipe w/1 load of gravel $165.00
  30’ of pipe w/ 1 load of gravel $235.00
  Band $8.00
  Flares – each $42.00
18"  22’ of pipe w/1 load of gravel $185.00
  30’ of pipe w/ 1 load of gravel $250.00
  Band $9.00
  Flares – each $55.00

* Additional load of gravel $ 35.00