The City of Walker wants to work together with your group to Adopt-A-Road. This is similar to the Michigan Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway program.  The purpose of Adopt-A-Road is to involve Walker citizens in keeping their local roads clean, safe, and attractive.  Your group can adopt as little as one mile and as much as four miles.  Click here for application

2019 Schedule


Who Can Do It?
Any group of 10 or more people can adopt a road.  We encourage service organizations, school, scout troops, senior groups and businesses to get involved in the program.  Group participation must be at least 16 years of age or older unless otherwise approved.  All that we require from groups that want to participate in Adopt-A-Road is a time commitment to pick up roadside trash a minimum of four times per year.  It's especially important to make sure the roads are clean during the spring and summer seasons.  Dates and times for roadside clean up will be determined by the City of Walker.  They will also provide you with the trash bags needed for your group and pickup service for filled bags.  All participants are required to wear orange or hunter's orange vest while cleaning up the roadside.  The City of Walker, Department of Public Works will supply the vests for the first outing, but the adopting group will be asked to replace their vests at their own expense if they are lost or stolen.

Road Assignments
Groups that request a specific roadside area will be assigned to that area on a first come, first serve basis.  Every attempt will be made to assign you to your road of choice.

All groups that adopt a road will have a sign displayed on their portion of the road recognizing their involvement in the program.  Each group will also receive a certificate to display in their lobby or business.  The City of Walker, Department of Public Works will supply the signs recognizing your group's involvement in the program.  Only the initial set of signs will be provided at City of Walker expense.  Any signs which are stolen, damaged, defaced or destroyed may be replaced at the adopting group's expense.


  • There is no charge for the permit.  We pick up the trash four times a year which coincides with the State.

  • We provide two signs for each permit application.  If the sign is destroyed or comes up missing, the permit holder must replace.  The cost of the sign is $75.00.  There are three pieces to the sign.

All participants in this program must conduct a safety meeting once a year prior to their first pickup.  The City of Walker, Department of Public Works will provide a permit, rules and guidelines to insure that your group have a safe, worthwhile experience.

General Safety Rules

  • Highway traffic travels at high speeds, and most drivers don't expect to see a crew working along the roadside.  Be alert and use good common sense at all times.

  • Crew members should be in good health with good sight and hearing.

  • Crew members must be at least 16 years old unless otherwise approved.

  • One person should be designated crew leader to ensure safety rules are followed by everyone.

Safety Rules

  1. Carpool to the side to reduce the number of vehicles on the roadside.

  2. All vehicles should be parked well off the right shoulder.  Do no park on paved shoulders.

  3. Parking is not allowed along curves, bridges, near or under overpasses, or in highway medians.

  4. All occupants in vehicles should exit and enter the vehicle on the side opposite traffic.

  5. Keep vehicles on the same side of the highway as crew members.

  6. Work only one side of the road at a time.

  7. Knives, machetes, axes, etc. should not be carried by crew members.

  8. Don't overfill or compact trash bags because of the danger of injuries from broken or jagged objects.  Fill bags with what goes in easily, then start with a new bag.

  9. Keep crew members together for better visibility to motorists.

  10. Do not use crossovers in the median to get to the other side; instead use the nearest exit ramp.

Protect Yourself and Other Crew Members

  • Face oncoming traffic as your work whenever possible.  Be prepared to move out of the vehicles way in an emergency.  Stop working in bad weather, especially when there is poor visibility and wet or icy roads.

  • Work during daylight hours.

  • Avoid overexertion.  Drink lots of water, especially on hot, humid days.

  • Post a person to look out for traffic dangers.

  • Have a refresher session on safety awareness each time a crew goes out.

  • Never walk out on the highway.

  • Avoid the use of headsets.

  • All workers should wear orange vests while working on the roadside.  Other clothing should be light-colored for increased visibility.

  • Wear heavy gloves.

  • Watch your footing.  Wear substantial leather shoes or boots with good ankle support.  Avoid loose stones and steep slopes.

  • Wear a hat and long-sleeved top to avoid sunburn.  Sunscreen lotion is recommended on sunny days.


  • Contact with poison ivy, poison oak, and/or noxious weeds.

  • Areas which are being mowed, or where there are other construction or maintenance activities being conducted.

Please Do Not

  • Don't pick up discarded syringes or hypodermic needles.

  • Don't try to remove unknown or suspected drug substances.  Notify the Department of Public Works or the Police of these substances.

  • Don't pick up items on bridges, in tunnels or overpasses.  These areas are especially dangerous to workers on foot.

  • Don't enter the roadway or shoulder area to pick up trash.