Positive Probation Experience

You should make your probation a priority. The more you commit to working with your Probation Officer the less likely you will find yourself violating the terms of your probation and possibly serving a jail term. Hopefully, probation will be an opportunity for you to make significant and positive enduring changes in your life, which will keep you from returning to the court system.

The following are a few suggestions that could assist you in having a successful probation experience:

  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Follow the terms of your probation.
  • Maintain honesty with your Probation Officer.
  • Arrive on time and avoid missing appointments.
  • Keep your Probation Officer updated with any changes in your address, employment, phone numbers etc. and of any new legal involvement.
  • Avoid associating with people who are a poor influence on you thereby tempting you to engage in further illegal activity and behaviors.

Persons on probation with the 59th District Court are required to comply with the following basic terms:

  • Not violate and criminal law or unit of government.
  • Not leave the state without consent of the court.
  • Make a truthful report to your Probation Officer as directed, either in person or in writing.
  • Notify your Probation Officer of any change of address, employment or new legal matters.
  • Pay all fines, costs and fees as directed.
  • Attend and successfully complete all counseling and educational programs as directed.
  • Are subject to a warrant less search of their person, vehicle, school locker, or residence.

NOTE: Other terms will likely be included in your Order of Probation as determined by the Judge – you will receive a written copy of your Order of Probation at your first appointment.