Community Development Department

The city has outsourced the building inspector/building official functions to Professional Code Inspections of Michigan (PCI).
PCI has been successfully performing plumbing, electrical and mechanical inspections for the city.
Please note that the building inspector will have office hours from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on Monday –Thursday.
All paperwork, the scheduling of inspections and building permit related questions should be directed to the Walker Community Development Department at 616-791-6858.

The City of Walker Community Development Department was created to improve the efficiency, communication and delivery of building permit, zoning administration and community planning services.

Staff members are cross-trained to the extent possible but retain their areas of expertise. This allows staff to maintain office coverage while completing specific tasks.

The Community Development Department is a multi-tasking organization that provides services and support to citizens, the general public, the Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Commission and the City Commission.

Community Development Department Staff Members:CommunityDev

Frank Wash, AICP, PCP –
Assistant City Manager/Comm. Dev. Director

Chuck Dyk
Building Official/Zoning Inspector

Dan Power
Staff Planner/Zoning Administrator
(616) 791-6879

Meghann Gorby
Code Enforcement Specialist
(616) 791-6214

Tammy Freedman   
Community Development Coordinator

Sherry Wierzbicki 
Community Development Assistant