2019 Personal Property Changes

The State of Michigan has made a number of changes to the Personal Property Tax Law over the last few years.  We will be mailing out personal property statements to all of the businesses in the City of Walker - about mid-December 2018, for the 2019 tax year.  All businesses in the State of Michigan are required to file one of three documents for 2019.  The attached "Changes to Form 5076" below is very important for Small Business owners - as the form has changed for 2019, so please read it carefully and file your form with us by February 20, 2019.  You Small Business owners just need to file this form one more time and it will be good until you either grow (then you would have to file a regular Personal Property Statement - Form 632) or you cease business in Walker.  Please pay close attention to the filing deadlines - all of these personal property forms are now due on February 20th.  If you should have any questions on these personal property changes, please contact our office at (616) 791-6872.
2019 Notice - Small Businesses (value less than $80,000) - Form 5076
Changes to Form 5076 - Sample Letter from KCI, to be mailed to all Businesses
2019 - Personal Property Statement - Form 632
2019 Eligible Manufacturing Business - Form 5278