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In January 2015, the City reduced the number of printed newsletters from four annually to two. In addition to two annually printed newsletters, a monthly email newsletter is offered. In 2018, the City mailed out one annual printed newsletter in addition to the monthly email newsletter. Our goal is to reduce cost and paper while providing timely updates to our residents.

Printed newsletters will arrive mid-February. Electronic newsletters will be emailed the second Monday of each month during the remaining eleven months. We are confident that this new system will improve the communications between the City and community. We also understand with any new project, there might be concerns or changes needed along the way and we welcome your feedback.

If you are a Walker resident and currently do not receive the printed newsletter mailing, please be sure to contact the City. We have updated our mailing list for the February 2018 newsletter, but know there still may be residents who are not receiving this important information.

You will also be able to access the electronic newsletter from City social media platforms:

City of Walker Facebook page

City of Walker Twitter

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Please submit your comments, feedback, and street address updates to or call the City at (616) 791-6893.