Staff Directory

All phone numbers have an area code of (616), unless otherwise indicated.
Gary Carey Jr. Mayor 292-1715
Daniel Kent 1st Ward Commissioner 745-9164
Steven Gilbert 1st Ward Commissioner 828-7763
Carol Glanville 2nd Ward Commissioner  443-9313
Roxanne Deschaine 2nd Ward Commissioner 885-4191
Elaina Huizenga 3rd Ward Commissioner 334-1900
Melanie Grooters 3rd Ward Commissioner 690-1719
Darrel Schmalzel City Manager 791-6787
Sarah Bydalek Clerk 791-6865 or 443-3892
Daniel M. DeVries Finance Director / Treasurer 791-6852
Shannon Bales Human Resource Director 791-6797
Scott Conners Engineer 791-6792
Kelly Smith Assessor 791-6863
Greg Long Police Chief 791-6800
David Pelton Fire Chief 791-6783
Frank Wash Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director 791-6850
Julie Blok Income Tax Director 791-6866
Gary Postema DPW Director 791-6867
Peter P. Versluis Judge 453-5765
John Jackson Magistrate 453-5765
Crystal Morgan Prosecuting Attorney 607-2800
Julie Fend Court Administrator 791-6846